What is the Daily Doo-Wop?

We are a time machine to the past….created by Terry and Jane Minogue. Each day there are new songs, dating more or less from Eisenhower’s first
election in 1952 to The British Invasion in 1964. We go beyond Doo-Wop Style because in those days radio announcers said: “If it’s a hit it plays.” We follow the same code here. All things oldies! It’s not history to us, really; it’s current events. In the Blog you’ll find posts about groups, records, songs and pop culture. Please visit our Facebook page (link above) for pictures (silly, interesting, or nostalgic) from this era.

Downstairs is The Rec Room with a featured record,
a TV with 4 channels, and a jukebox with 40+ songs.

Thanks for stopping by.